From Fairies to Lakeside…

My daughter, Olivia, just turned 12 years old.  Her bedroom looks “baby” according to her.  What?  It’s only decorated in pretty pink flower fairies and has been that way since before she was born!  haha  OK…I get it.  She wants a more “grown-up” teenager look for her personal, private space.  She will be starting Junior High this Fall so I guess the request is not too unreasonable.  Sigh…When do the kids grow up so fast?  She was just my little princess, my baby,  running around wearing pink tutus and playing with Littlest Pet Shop toys.  It’s true what they say, time sure does fly!

Olivia has informed me that she would like something boho, feminine, outdoorsy, woodsy, lakeside-looking for her bedroom.  Huh?  What is that?!??  Is that even a theme?   I was thinking ‘stars’ or ‘horses’…those are themes that I can get behind and find lots of specific, literal products to buy.  Sheesh!  Oh, and purple.  She loves the color purple.  Do ‘purple’ and ‘woods’ go together?  This should be interesting!  I guess it’s time to start putting together a design board for ideas and budget…

A design board is a great way for you to get a visual of how your room will basically turn out.  For me, its a necessity.  Olivia has a style of her own and more often than not, something that I think is cute, she does not.  There are always exceptions and changes, but seeing everything on paper really does give me a good idea of the end result and it also helps me stay on track financially because I buy just what is needed to complete the look off my board; otherwise, I’d end up going totally money-busting overboard, which when it comes to my kids and their happiness is way too easy to do!   A design board is not complicated.  I actually do mine in Word.  I just draw a box for her room with the dimensions and layout from the drawing menu and start figuring out where the furniture and decorative pieces will go.  I print out pictures of the items to buy and it’s a great way for me to give her choices on what I find.  It really makes her feel like she picked everything out.  A new room makeover doesn’t have to be crazy expensive…just look it!  Here’s an example of my started design board layout…A large forest mural will go on one wall, the focus wall…When you walk into a room, the first wall you look at is your focus wall.  She will pick out a lavender paint color that matches the mural for the rest of the walls.  Hopefully one that is lighter than darker.  The mural is dark enough and although her room is huge, lighter walls will help brighten up the room.


After I set up my board, I start adding pictures of what I want to incorporate into the room.  This is where my shopping and daughter’s choices come in.  Usually, two choices are enough for her.  I’m planning on getting her a queen-sized bed, bedding, light fixture and area rug.  As a surprise, I will also buy a whimsical indoor swing (it’s always been a wish for her), along with small decorative touches.  The large pieces are the anchor for the room, but the small decorative touches make the room special and really show the theme you were going for.

I’m always looking for a deal!  In addition to my local shops, I like to shop online at places like,, Joss & Main and Zulilly.  Here’s what I came up with for choices that go with the theme and fit into my budget…Olivia needs to pick one of each anchor item.


Once she decides which bed, bedding, light fixture and rug she prefers, I’ll place an order and order some accessories as well to give her the bedroom of her dreams!  From “baby” to teen through as long as she’s living at home, I want her to enjoy and take pride in her space.  UPDATE:  She picked everything from the right column above.

A few accessories to pick from (not all!) and the room is complete…

Hope you enjoyed my vision of a Lakeside Boho Bedroom makeover.  Leave me a message if you have any questions on the products listed or suggestions on what else I could add.  I’m always up for improvements!  Also, if you’d be interested in me doing the layout, research and shopping for a new themed room for yourself, let me know.  I’d love to work with you.  Thanks for visiting and come again!!!

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