It’s time to pamper yourself!

Ever hear the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun”?  Well, that’s true, but it also flies by whether you take a minute to pamper yourself or not.  Life is hard.  Life is chaotic and fast-paced and in the blink of an eye, days, weeks or years can go by with you doing something beneficial for yourself.  It’s “me time”.  My husband hates that phrase…haha…He thinks it sounds too frivolous and self-serving and maybe it is, but everyone needs a little time to take care of themselves.  Rejuvenate, breathe and relax.

There are 52 weeks in a year and if you would allow time to do one thing for yourself once a week, it wouldn’t take much time but it would teach you to put yourself as a priority in your life.  Once a week.  That’s all!  Take the challenge and you may realize how important you are as a person and that you deserve to spend time on yourself.  The following is a list of  just for “me” tasks…Check them out!

1.  Drink a cup of hot tea.  Buy yourself a beautiful teacup to use.

2.  Take a long, luxurious bubble bath.

3.  Wrap yourself up in a big, cozy, soft blanket.

4.  Give yourself a spa treatment facial at home.

5.  Buy an adult coloring book and pencils for some quiet meditation time.


6.  Organize a drawer that you’ve been putting off going through.

7.  Read a new book by an author you’re not familiar with.


8.  Buy a blank journal to jot your thoughts down.


9.  Buy a complete new outfit for a special occasion.

10.  Cook your favorite meal and serve it on beautiful China.

11.  Take a walk through your local park.

12.  Go for a swim to clear your mind and exercise your body.


13.  Watch a really good movie.


14.  Buy yourself flowers.

15.  Write a ‘thinking of you’ letter to a friend on beautiful stationary.

16.  Learn a new craft, such as jewelry-making or scrapbooking memories.

17.  Plant something indoors or out.

18.  Stretch and do some yoga poses.

19.  Blow Bubbles.

20.  Pray.


21.  Visit a nursing home to cheer up the residents.  Bring them a sweet treat.


22.  Grab that exercise video and commit to going through the whole routine once.


23.  Drive to a new town and check it out for a different scenic view.

24.  Visit an art museum.  Most are no charge admission and get some ‘culture’.


25.  Try a different lipstick color.  Go bold!


Thanks for visiting my blog.  I love comments so leave me a comment and let me know what from the list you decided to try.  All of the products listed are not products that I sell, but as an Amazon affiliate, I’ve attached a link to each product for you to click on if interested in purchasing any of these items.  It will take you straight to the information to buy page.  Thanks again!

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