Coastal Master Bathroom

My husband and I built our Cape Cod style home seventeen years ago.  We found and bought a beautiful wooded three-acre lot and began planning for our dream house.  We were newlyweds, young and naive about what home ownership actually meant.  Ended up building a 2,500 SF home for the two of us.  Eventually we had two daughters, but for six years, we lived in that spacious place alone.  When you’re young, bigger is always better, right?  Now I just see it as more room to clean.  I remember my husband telling me we will never get enough furniture and stuff to fill up the house.  HA!  It comes way too easy.  I can understand how people get themselves into hoarding situations.

In order to save some money, we opted to do some projects by ourselves at a later date.  Here’s a tip…if you don’t get it done right at the beginning when you’re building, chances are it will never get done.  I am still waiting for our huge walkout basement with french doors to be more than cinder block walls and concrete floors.  It’s only been seventeen years though…who said I’m not a patient person?…which brings me to the point of this post…the Master Bathroom.

When you build a house, you always have options to ‘upgrade’ features.  The basics are, well…basic.  Ordinary.  It finishes your house as complete, but really with no style.  A lot of press board and standard sizes, which looks awesome when it’s new and clean, but after a while, you realize you really would like that upgraded size garden tub and that’s where we’re at now.  I love bathes.  I take a bath everyday.  Sometimes, I take a bath twice a day just to relax and unwind.  It’s my ‘me’ time.  I love my family, but sometimes I just want to read a book with a glass of red wine and not listen to arguing or whining between teenage girls, husband questions on what’s for dinner or dog drool in my face when I sit on the couch with snacks.  I’m a tall girl and the standard tub size is poo.  I want to fill my bath with bath bombs, sea salts and bubble bath and sink down underwater to my eyeballs.  That is impossible to do in a standard size tub.

I live in Ohio.  We have nothing close to the sun and sea spray of an ocean, but I really love the coastal look.  I’m slowly changing my home interior to reflect that style.  If I can’t live by the ocean, at least I can pretend when I’m inside the house.  The colors of teal and white, bead board walls, jute knots, mermaids, octopuses, starfish.  Calm colors and decor.  That’s what I want to put together.  Time to create a design board and shop!

A design board, for me, is just a simple layout of my current room with the dimensions.  It gives me a visual to really decide where I want things placed or taken down.  It also keeps me on track when budgeting because I could go way overboard when decorating and usually buy much more for my walls than I have actual space.  This way I can ‘see’ what’s open and how many items to purchase and that’s it.  My current bathroom is standard.  A long rectangle with a single vanity, toilet and linen closet on one wall and the tub on the back wall.  No windows.  My idea is to remove the linen closet to add room for a double-sink vanity.  Add a small window for natural light between the vanity sinks (hence the sun) and buy a beautiful furniture piece cabinet to hold all our towels and toiletries.  This will make a bit more room to move the toilet down and add a big garden sink-in tub.BR

After much research…the technical word for shopping…I decided to go with the white pebble tile flooring.  A beautiful light teal paint for the walls and double-sink vanity, a huge free-standing tub to fill with lots of bubbles and a light fixture worthy to be called nautical looking.  It’s the little details that really make a room special…a starfish doorknob, teal tinted glass jars or jute baskets for towels add to the coastal theme.  I prefer the clean, crisp look of white, especially in a bathroom so I’ll add my decorative pieces in that color.  Teal, white and sand colors and I think I’ve got a winning palette.

Drop me a line…pun intended…and let me know what you think of my design.  Also, check out my Pinterest board called “Coastal Master Bathroom” for some interior design inspiration pictures, DIY crafts and products to purchase to make your bathroom all your own.  I found a coastal home decor magazine as well that I just subscribed to for a year-long treasure trove of inspirations.  If you don’t have the time to hunt for items but still want a ‘theme’, let me know.  I work with clients to design them fabulous rooms by doing the labor of shopping first and sending suggestions based on your wants of what’s available out there to decorate.  Together we could create a beautiful design.  Leave a comment or like if you would, please.  I love hearing from readers and let me know you’re ideas on a Coastal Master Bathroom.  Thanks!!!


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