What is ElderberryGirls.com?

A little background first…My last name is Elder.  My friend’s last name is Berry.  Our daughters were friends in elementary school and we would carpool to and from school every day.  When it was my turn to pick up the kids after school, I would have a sign, made by the office staff, with our names on it and an aide would read it and walkie-talkie back into the building on who needed to come out to leave.  I always heard “Elder.  Berry.  Girls”.  haha  I though that was so cute and decided if I ever started a business, that was going to be my business name, and now it is.

I have a business degree in Marketing/Advertising and love designing graphic arts such as custom logos, banners, newsletters, flyers, etc…I also am a huge crafter so as I was volunteering as a Room Mother over the years for both my daughter’s classes in elementary school, I added to the obsession by making classroom job charts, bulletin boards, clip art…basically anything needed to make the classroom environment inspiring and fun. I do have an online store if interested in reviewing.  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Elderberrygirls

Just a side note…Teachers are amazing.  I never really understood how much work, heart and personal expense they put into their classrooms and students.  We all think they have it easy with summers off.  Not really.  They are constantly planning, preparing and buying from their own pocket for the next school year.  I’ve spent many summer days at our elementary school helping teachers organize their classrooms with new themes, procedures and fun elements.

I’ve also tried every single craft you can think of.  Jewelry making, cross stitch, scrap booking, soap making, candles, lotions, crochet.  I have to say, no matter the situation or project needed for my girls, I always had the materials ready.  Volleyball bake sale posters?  No problem.  I could whip those out.  School project presentation?  Yes.  Check the craft bucket.  That was always my excuse for why I justified spending so much on supplies.  That, and a need to feed my artistic side.

Starting this blog has been very interesting and quite challenging.  For me, it’s a creative outlet, but there is a lot more to it than just writing articles.  Trying to figure out who to use as a platform for your blog, what company should host your website, adding affiliate links for making money, setting up the blog with graphics and html codes and figuring out how to tie all the social media accounts together.  It definitely gets involved!  Your voice can be heard by millions if you work at it and that’s really cool.  If you are passionate about a subject, create a blog and speak your mind.  I’ve been contacted by people in other countries who expressed interest in my posts.  The technology now is amazing.  Being able to interact with people all over the world, finding a common thread, learning from each other…Wow!  The world doesn’t seem so large after all.

Finding a niche for a blog has been tough.  I’m all over the place on creativity and find concentrating on just one thing doesn’t work for me.  Variety is the spice of life so I decided on elderberrygirls.com being a lifestyle blog.  That way, I can speak on many different topics to keep things fresh.  I want to continue with creating graphic design images and enhance my social media outlets, concentrating on Pinterest, FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter. You’re welcome to come along for the ride!

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog because, fact is… YOU’VE GOT IMPORTANT THINGS TO SAY, click the link below to sign up for a WordPress blog of your own. WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System used by approximately 75 million websites. It’s free to install, deploy, and upgrade. I do have an affiliate account with WordPress, but there is no charge to you by going through my link and signing up.


2 Comments on “What is ElderberryGirls.com?

  1. I agree, elderberrygirls sounds great. I cna relate to your situation with blogging. I can’t find my niche and I’ve been trying to pin it down for the past few years, finally settling on a lifestyle approach, my kind of lifestyle. But the writing part has been on and off. Lol. Great tip on Pinterest. Mines messy so I’m trying to organize it in a way. Cheers!


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